Masters Assignments



click here > -CSS based "Depth Painting"

an experiment in web-based interactivity (early stage)

this page is a photogrammetric collage based on different sights during the lockdown, arranged in blender, and rendered out. I used some basic CSS to allow the scroll wheel to be the FOV controller. With this method, I hope to allow illustrators to produce images with a level of interactivity further than a still image, without using too much bandwidth. I dub this technique the Depth Painting

I call this a photogrammetric collage as the assets used are cobbled together from different photo-scan subjects produced over the semester, in which I detailed the various processes for my blog.
The methods used to create photogrammetry (Lidar and Traditional) often resulted in flawed and incorrect representations of the real world and I believe added a level of artistry as if we are seeing the world through the eyes of a machine.
The following models are the basis of this illustration

The above video shows some assorted experiments using different techniques learnt on the course. while not essential to the prototypes, I wanted to include it just to show some avenues of experimentation that could be further used in future, such as using Adobe Aero to project these models into the real world. 

if you follow the links in the gallery below you can see more detailed breakdowns of each model and how I used them. also, check out my blog for a full look at the process.