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A Station Beyond by Jake Hatt ( 

A Station Beyond is a story driven dungeon crawler for the 2024 Dungeon Crawler Jam.  Made in unity with a handful of friends, we brought together the following themes :

  1. Infinity/The Endless
  2. Ancient Ruins
  3. Solitude
  4. Cosmic Horror

We incorporated these themes, as well as the prompt of a grid-based dungeon crawler into a nonlinear narrative focused game with a vivid and unique art style.

the team:

Lead designer - Jake Hatt

 Bass, Writing, QA, General Chiefly Vibes - Chief

Development - Chris Godber

Music - Popp1e - Jack Poppleton

Story premise - Warru - Warren Smith

Worldbuilding - Ramp P. Skateboard

Additional artwork - Jam

Dev support - Mike H


Entry for the 7 Day Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023 on - went a little off script in that it isn't too much of a traditional dungeon crawler - more of a dungeon crawler with point and click mechanics, but I had a blast working on it and hope it can bring some joy to those who play it. Many late nights were had and this is my first time really trying to create a full story in a game format... the story itself focuses around the Jam theme of Duality and tackles this by showing the heart and mind as physical entities with their own personalities, wants and needs.